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Where To Buy Vegetable Glycerin

How can I buy vegetable glycerin?
Depending on your needs, finding glycerin can be as easy as a trip down to your local pharmacy. At a pharmacy, glycerin is usually only sold in small quantities (from 2.5 to 5 ounces) at prices ranging from $5 to $10. For many personal uses this may be a sufficient quantity of glycerin. However, in some cases, such as making home-made soap or shampoo, a greater and more cost-effective quantity of glycerin may be desired. In that case, you'll want to investigate where to buy glycerin in bulk from online sources. But, keep in mind that prices don't include shipping, and liquids are heavy: You can expect to pay upwards of $40 to have a gallon (about 10 pounds) of glycerin domestically shipped to you.

Where can I buy vegetable glycerin?
You can buy online here at Where To Buy Vegetable Glycerin of ChemWorld. Our  stocks are manufactured to US FDA standards. All products featured on site are in stock and ready to be shipped within 24 hours.

What is vegetable glycerin?
            Vegetable glycerin, also known as vegetable glycerol, is a carbohydrate product derived from vegetable oils, such as coconut or palm.

What is vegetable glycerin made of?
            The basic chemical structure of vegetable glycerin is made up of three hydrogen atoms, three carbon atoms and three hydroxyl groups, which form hydrogen bonds with water. Pure glycerin is distilled after a process of keeping vegetable oils under pressure at temperatures exceeding 400 degrees F. The final product has the consistency of a syrup and it has no color and odor. The composition of vegetable glycerin is resistant to freezing.

What are the uses of vegetable glycerin?
            Uses of vegetable glycerin include cosmetic products and food. It is also used as a component in medical products such as tinctures, as a substitute for alcohol.

            In cosmetic use, vegetable glycerin is associated with anti-aging benefits, as its moisturizing properties help skin remain young and healthy. It is an ingredient of a range of moisturizers and it helps draw oxygen into the skin, which slows the aging process. Glycerin has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties that are helpful in the treatment of acne. It is a frequent component of cosmetics products including shampoo, soap and toothpastes. Medical uses of vegetable glycerin include topical remedies for skin problems. Some of the conditions where glycerin proves helpful include cuts, rashes, psoriasis and burns.

      Vegetable glycerin is also used in the food industry as a sweetener and natural preservative. People using insulin can use it safely as a sweetener as it does not have effects on blood sugar. In herbal remedies, glycerin may replace alcohol and make herbal preparations easier to take due to its sweet taste.

How do I store vegetable glycerin?
Store at 65 to 75°F in a dry and odor-free environment for a minimum shelf life of 12 months in unopened containers.


Benefits of Pure & Natural Vegetable Glycerin Soap for Face, Body

Amazing properties of glycerin

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